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#1 2008-09-01 16:04:46

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so long, but not goodbye

Well, I've worked with scratch for years.  and I'm ready to move on.  I hope to learn flash or some other language.  maybe i'll install some projects on my web site.  For now, this is a hyatis.  but i plan to come back, someday.   It's been an absolute pleasure to work on this platform with such great people and community.  Until when i return, so long.

<when green flag clicked>
<say[ So Long, Scratch ]
<wait until> I return.



#2 2008-09-01 16:13:38

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Re: so long, but not goodbye

Sorry to see you go...have fun with Flash!

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#3 2008-09-01 17:13:23

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Re: so long, but not goodbye

c ya,have fun

but can a mod please move this to inspirationand more or something??
interesting..ima view it



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