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#1 2008-08-22 12:30:17

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All new users should make some galleries

Galleries draw the attention of people who have the same interests as you and it is easy to make new friends. In that gallery you can also add your projects and look at other members projects

Even if you aren't a new member, it never hurts to help somebody addapt to scratch or make a new friend  smile

You can also  use other members galleries to make friends and post your projects.

You may also make a gallery only for your friends by hitting the "only my friends" are the people who can add projects and it can be a special place for you and your friends on scratch.

Enjoy Your New Galleries  smile
interesting..ima view it



#2 2008-08-22 14:32:45

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Re: Galleries

Galleries are also a helpful way for the community to help organize projects on the site.

A gallery can be a collection of projects
- with the same theme (scroller games, tutorial critiques, visual art, music, etc)
- by the same author
- by the same "company"
- by the same class or after school club
- for collections of sprites, music, or tutorials

Collecting projects in your gallery might inspire others to create new projects to add to your gallery and is a great way to look at new projects!



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