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Index to helpful topics for Help with Scripts: Start Here

Welcome!  This forum is for Scratchers to request help getting their Scratch projects working right.

Here is a collection of topics to help you with your scripting (and getting help with your scripts), all written by members of the Scratch community.

Formatting Questions About Scripts, by kayybee
A short, helpful guide to the kind of things you should include in your forum post to help people help you most effectively.

Official Offers to Help
A list of people that have offered to help you out with your scripts.  You could try posting a comment on one of their projects to ask them for help directly.

Tips and Tricks About Using the Scratch Forums, by cheddargirl.
An excellent guide to using the Scratch Forums, with links to threads about using BB Code to post links, images, and Scratch blocks as well as threads on forum etiquette.

How to make a better project, by Bobby500.
Learn how to make your projects of a higher quality than the rest with these tips & tricks.

THE ALMIGHTY SCRATIONARY!!! (Intended for Scratch Illtererate Users), by turtlewarrior
Have you heard a term related to Scratch, but don't know what it means? Look it up in the Scrationary.

PROGRAM IT! Scratch Programming Tutorials, by cheddargirl
A guide to programming tutorials, this is a great way to learn a new skill or get started making a kind of project that you've never made before. Includes links to the basics, using variables, the pen, scrolling backgrounds, even how to make characters in games artificially intelligent.

Want to suggest that a topic should be added to this index?
Remember: the more topics we add, the less likely people are to read them all. So please only suggest topics that you think are really important to add!



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