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#1 2011-09-06 19:11:55

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BeyX Inc. Job Signup

I am taking myself to a whole new level and making myself a whole team of Scratchers.
I will make a new account and start out fresh with this username of course.
I need the following...
President-Beyblade4(BeyX Inc.)
Assistant-peterkap(Head Assistant)
Programmers-Beyblade4(BeyX Inc.)(peterkap & scratchlive & PlutoIsHade)
Editors-Beyblade4(BeyX Inc.)(2-3 Spots Available)
Graphics-(Scratch live & Unlimited Spotss)
Ideas-(Up to 5 Spots)
Critic-Beyblade4(BeyX Inc.) Up to 2 more spots)
Reviewer-(2 Spots Available)
Advertiser-(Unlimited Spots)

Sign Up Rules
1.) Do not sign up twice for same position or else you wont be in it.
2.)You can sign up for more than one position but ONLY on one sign up
EX: Beyblade4
-Programmer,Editor, and Reviewer.

Sign Up Format
2.) Job you want...
3.)Why you want it....

Contact me at:
[email removed by moderator - please don't post personal means of contact on the forums. Thanks!]



#2 2011-10-01 14:58:28

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Re: BeyX Inc. Job Signup

ill do  programer ans graphics

!!!When it comes to Scratch2.0 I am totally like freaking out!!!



#3 2011-10-01 18:05:51

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Re: BeyX Inc. Job Signup

Collab Camp 2011 is over, this should be in collaboration.



#4 2011-10-01 18:12:27

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Re: BeyX Inc. Job Signup

Actually, looks like this should stay for the time being, as it was posted before Collab Camp was over.

Also, a friendly reminder that we don't allow people to post their email addresses on the forums. I removed it from your post for you, but keep that in mind.  smile



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