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#1 2011-08-01 18:28:15

Scratch Team
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Introducing Collab Counselors

For Collab Camp, we're introducing a new role called Collab Counselors to support Scratchers and their collabs throughout the camp. Collab Counselors are Scratchers that will help answer your questions, provide feedback on your projects, and support you during the Camp. They were chosen by the Scratch Team for demonstrating good collaboration and for being all around helpful members of the community. The Collab Counselors for this Camp are: Chrischb, Jonathanpb, lilacfuzz101, scmb1, and silvershine.][/img]



#2 2011-08-02 10:47:40

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Re: Introducing Collab Counselors

Congrats to all Collaboration Counselors!

I bid everyone good luck. May the show go on.

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