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Index of helpful topics in Bugs and Glitches (look here first!)

This topic serves as a nice index of some of the best topics to have been posted in Bugs and Glitches. They've been immortalized through this thread because they pertain to certain bugs that several users have encountered. Remember: always look in this thread before posting in Troubleshooting! It may just have the solution to your problems.

Problems that have been resolved already by Chrischb
Some of the most frequent bugs - and their solutions - are found here. Don't forget to check if your problem has already been resolved in this particular thread before posting!

Random logging-out by The-Whiz
A discussion involving the reoccurring website glitch that causes several users to log out quite frequently.

What to do when all text dissappears... by JSO
If all of the text has suddenly disappeared within Scratch, the solution is right here.

Why your signature is not showing up by Chrischb
Find out why you may not be able to see your own signature.

If you feel there's a topic we haven't covered yet, feel free to suggest more topics to be added to this post in this topic!



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