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Important & Helpful Topics in New Scratchers: Start Here!

Here are quite a few topics that are great to read if you are new to the Scratch website contributed by the Scratch Team and other Scratch Members:

New Members...introduce yourself here! by mletreat
Introduce yourself to the Scratch community here.

Welcome to Scratchby StarscreamClone
A easy-to-read guide with general information about Scratch

New forum users restrictions by 06dknibbs
A topic describing the restrictions New Scratchers have until they're upgraded to Scratcher status.

Welcome New Users by mletreat
A guide that has a variety of helpful things when starting Scratch - some of the information is out of date though.

Need Help? by yambanshee
A topic linking to a very helpful tutorial project.

New to Forums? No Problem by greenflash
Introduces the Scratch Forums.

Signatures by coka
A guide introducing forum signatures.

Don’t Feed The Trolls! – A handy guide for when dealing with trolls. by Bopitman99
Read this in case someone says something mean in a comment or a forum post.

Proper Forum Etiquette - what and what not to do in the forums. by Jonathanpb
Pretty much a rule book to the forums.

Uploading and Downloading projects on the Scratch website by –db-
A tutorial to downloading a uploading projects.

A New User’s Handbook by joeyperson
A guide to the Scratch website.

New User FAQ by coolperson
A topic answering most questions for new users.

The Most Useful Button in the Forums (Report!) by scimonster

Scratch Forums Guide (project) by Lucario621

If you would like to see another helpful thread in this topic, please suggest it here.

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