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Index of important and helpful topics in Advanced Topics

An assortment of important or useful topics found in the Advanced Topics forum can be found below.

Scratch on Linux, by lucduponcheel.
Learn how to run Scratch on the operating system Linux.

Making Big Projects Load (Expanding Java Heap Memory) Simpler Steps, by ihaveamac.
Understand how to make larger projects run on the Scratch website without downloading.

Is there no other way to share your creation other than the website?, by ms-r.
Discover how to share your creations on other websites, with or without uploading to the Scratch website first.

Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB), by Jens.
A discussion involving the popular modification to Scratch, BYOB, which allows you to create your own blocks, among other things.

The Official BYOB3 thread, by Lucario621 and manned by bharvey and Jens.
More about BYOB, especially bugfixes, new releases, development chitchat.

Cool Source code tricks…, by billyedward.
Learn how to modify the Scratch application in new ways.

Welcome to your local block library!, by sparks.
A dictionary of custom-made blocks in Scratch and modifications of Scratch.

Working together in Squeak, by johnm.
A post explaining how working together when modifying the Scratch application is important by a member of the Scratch team, and a creator of Squeak, the language upon which Scratch was built.

Scratch Secrets, by natalie.
Learn some largely unknown, yet advanced features of Scratch.

Custom Blocks "Cheat Sheet", by subzerostig.
An extremely helpful reference for creating custom blocks.

Self-updating images and links in posts! (Forum APIs) by sparks
Learn how to put status-dependent images or text in your signature which changes depending on your current activity on the forums, and much, MUCH more.

Guide to blocking iP's for your website! by P110
Learn a Javascript technique for blocking people from getting on your website.

The small steps on how to secure your online site or community by LS97
How to keep your forum or other online community safe and happy.

How to keep a website safe by jvvg
Advanced security tips for website builders.

If you feel there is a topic that should be in this thread, feel free to suggest it here!

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