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Guidelines for the Miscellaneous forum

The Miscellaneous forum is a place for members of the Scratch community to discuss things that don't quite fit in the other forums. It's up to everyone who posts in Miscellaneous to help keep things friendly and respectful.

As with all parts of the Scratch community, we ask that Scratchers follow the guidelines described in the Scratch Community Guidelines.

In addition:

Don't create topics that have a strong likelihood of creating arguments (i.e. Trolling). This includes topics about religion, politics, conspiracy theories, etc. If we feel a topic or post is disrespectful or 'flamebait,' we will close or remove it.

Don't feed the trolls There’s an old saying that goes “It takes two to tango.” It means that for something like trolling to keep going, it needs people to feed the trolls - with angry responses or long threads discussing the issue. As long as the community’s focus is on whatever is inappropriate or controversial, then it is likely to continue.  So please do not post links or have discussions about sites that are inappropriate or disrespectful.  We will remove or close all threads and posts related to these discussions.

Keep discussions on topic. If a thread gets derailed, help get it back on track. 

Don't spam  Make sure that your posts are making a useful contribution to the discussion. Don't clutter things up with extra images, smilies, spaces or words like "inb4close" that don't contribute to the discussion.  If you do not find a thread interesting - don't post in it. New topics that you create should be focused on a single subject and invite an interesting discussion.

Don't misquote anyone.

Only link to sites that are appropriate for all ages - and that are monitored to make sure that they stay that way.  External forums and chat room sites often have little to no monitoring and should be avoided.  Linking to member-created websites requires permission in some cases.

Don’t create threads about sexuality or sexual orientation. See this post for links to outside forums with the resources to handle these discussions sensitively.

Don't post about stuff that's too intense for younger Scratchers, such as severe mental pain, suicidal thoughts, or self-harm. Do get help. Check out this post for links to resources and people who can help.

Here is a description of the steps we take when an account is used to do something that's not ok for Scratch. We may update these guidelines from time to time. If you'd like to discuss them,  we're always open to respectful feedback via the contact us page.

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Re: Guidelines for the Miscellaneous forum

Added the "Spam" paragraph - let's try and keep those threads neat and tidy  smile



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