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#251 2009-10-27 11:50:07

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Re: Who am I?

nikkiperson2 wrote:

MyRedNeptune wrote:

-I am a member of Crank Inc.
-I love Russia
-I used to be very popular until I quit

is it Oldschooler2?

Love Russia? I have a friend who used to live in Russia, and he hated it there. and didn't you say yourself that is wasn't too pleasant?

It is Oldschooler2. ^^

And yea Russia isn't to sweet but America is worse. xD I know what you're thinking! "Neptune! Get rid of those filthy advertisements and give us back the Zarathustra siggy, you horrible person!" Well, don't worry about it, the Zara siggy will be back soon, new and improved! ^^ Meanwhile, just do what the sig tells you to. >.>



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