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#1 2009-08-09 11:55:20

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Squeakfest at UCLA; bring a child, get in free

Hi everyone,

If you like Scratch, you'll also like Squeak Etoys!

We're a day away from the start of Squeakfest USA (, which is being held at the UCLA Faculty Center from Monday, August 10th to Wednesday, August 12th. We're excited by the presentations we've got lined up, including a keynote by Alan Kay. Presenters will discuss how they're using Squeak Etoys and OLPC XOs in places like Nepal, South Korea, Uruguay, Haiti, Nicaragua, the United States, and more.

We've still got room in our children's workshop, which runs from noon to two each of the three days. Kids aged 8 to 12 will use Etoys on provided XOs, learning to create animations and stories, just like in the Waveplace pilots. Best of all, if you bring a child, we'll waive your registration fee, which is otherwise $125 for the conference.

Take care,


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