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MicroScratch v.3

The link is:

Read about it!

About the Project:

This is basicly a copy of Windows XP with some features from Scratch. Even know it is a huge project it was farely easy takeing only 12 hours to do. The games were taken off from those in the free ones but I made a few. The internet was also easy. It was made by takeing screenshots. Other then that I had no screenshots used. The tool bars turned out pretty close to the orignal but I had to use custom colors to make them. The clock is a easy thing by takeing costumes and copying them and adding a min on them. It takes about 15 sec for it to change the time. The tricky part of it was makeing sure everything appeared when it was soppose to.

About Pacman:

There are a couple of secrets in it, you can go through really thin lines! But the most coolest one is that in one of the levels you can go outside of the whole thing. I'll give you a hint, ITS NOT LEVEL 1!

Secrets in MicroScratch:

That thing beside the clock is Xfire.
The start up windows logo is from Vista. Bill Gates is the founder of microsoft and can be found on the "start tab". There is one thing missing in the "Turn Off" and it is called the Log off.


The major problem is makeing version 4. There really can't be a version four as there is no space to put it on. This is as it's limits and I wish I could finish "Desktop Wizard". Or maybe add "NotePad" to work. There is a chance though, I will make it look like this just make the games not work and say file not found. But the ones that didnt work on this version could work on Version 4. You never know, it could come out. In the mean time make some suggestions about the game and maybe point out some glitches.

Cool things on Micro Scratch: Did you know the time changes? Did you know by clicking the bar on the bottom it changes colors?

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