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#1 2013-05-06 09:34:02

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Wario Ware Scratch (Microgames needed!)

I have an idea to make a Wario Ware game on Scratch, however, I think it is too big a task for me to handle on my own so I thought why not get some help. You don't have to be loyal and help the project all the way if you don't want to, you can just make one Microgame for the project and never come here again if you want. I tryed a thing similar to this a year a go, but it failed because people who joined didn't know how to make a Micro Game, so now I shall explain below.

MicroGame Submission Form

Anything else-

Project Manager-Stor

Project Deputy-

MicroGame Makers-

How to make a Microgame:

Concept - In a Microgame the idea is to have a mini task that the player must perform in 5-10 seconds and they must use they're reaction time and common sense. They could be about a job like using the mouse to cut wood, or from a video game like jump on the goomba in Super Mario Bros, or could just be completly random like flushing the toilet, that kind of thing. If you want to make one you need to use your imagination, the more imaginative the better. Maybe try to add a little bit of humour as well. Thanks for reading, please tell me if you wish to be part of the project.



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