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help with lists

Hello all, i'm on here to get some help.
I'm new to using sense/scratch and i'm not a very good programmer so i need advice.
Heres the problem; i'm currently doing the TU100 'my digital life 'course through the open university and i'm working on the End of Module sense question.
The question involves reading and plotting sensor data on a fictictious oil field sensor network, we've been given lists of sensor data in note pad form and been asked to put them in our sense folders, i've done this now next we're asked to create six lists and populate them from the data in the note pads.
I've created the empty lists and their watchers and have hit a wall:
The text book we've been give says to use an append to block and set it up like this:

append to(pop up,what is your name,) and get input to file......

I've modified it to read:
append pop up (what is the file name?) and get input to file testLog.txt.

I attached a when clicked flag and clicked away; a red border surrounded them both and nothing happened!
So what am i doing wrong and how do i fix it? has any body got any suggestions.
I'm on windows vista if that makes any differance.   Thanks



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