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#1 2013-05-02 17:24:55

New Scratcher
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Hello! ~ XxWillowsongxX

Hi everyone! I am new to Scratch. I love the Underland Series, lacrosse, french horn, animals, role playing, and Warriors!! Leafpool, Graystripe, and Mistystar (Mistyfoot) are my favorite characters in Warriors. Medicine cat is my favorite position.
I am an experienced role player and have role played many times on the app Monster Kingdom (I am RippleWhisper) and the website (Im XxWillowsongxX).
I would be thankful for someone to tell me about do's and don'ts for Scratch but it's definitely NOT needed.
Thank you for reading!  smile



#2 2013-05-02 18:04:43

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Re: Hello! ~ XxWillowsongxX

Hello Willow! I <3 The Warriors series too, (you are talking to the WindClan deputy Sandyfire  wink ) Roleplaying id also awesome especially...Warriors Roleplaying! XD
Graystripe and Firestar are my favorites. Have you read the whole series? The ending was sad  sad
Anyway, welcome welcome and I hope you have an amazing time here on Scratch, it's so awesome here!



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