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memory size for each programme

i am making a Legend Of Zelda RPG and scratch has run out of memory before the first character is even half finished!

this is why i would like the size available for each scratch project to be greatly increased, the program currently has 6 sprites 113 scripts with around 20 that i lost when the game shut down due to programme size and two that are about 30 full screen lenghths, 323 costumes with one removed for afore mentioned reason and 4 backgrounds + one deleted.

this annoys me as this was supposed to be three games on one storyline:
Legend Of Zelda Alliance Of Worlds
Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Worlds
Legend Of Zelda Fate Of Worlds

each of these was going to be split into nine/ten dungeons and the events between the previous one and the one in the game

the games were supposed to be played over 9 worlds with 19 links (link is the playable character) called Link, Dark, Fierce Deity, Lock, Key, Benign Deity, The Four Sword Links Red, Blue, Green and vio, the dark side of the Four Sword Links Shade, Shadow, Dusk and Dawn, The Deities of the Four Sword links Goron Deity, Kokiri Deity, Zora Deity and Owl deity (those who know LoZ Ocarina of Time will know Kepora Gebora the helpful (but annoying) Owl) an finally Zhain the god version of link.

a clue to the outcome is a quote from my game "You are all Links in a Chain and that Chain is the forgotten god Zhain."

this plan (and a more detailed one i have) are the reason why it is annoying the space for each programme is not larger when you have put a lot of effort in it gets frustrating when your resources are not able to reailse that.

i was also planning to make 11 other games for the backstory of the 14 links where there is not already one in the zelda franchise.

LoZ King of the Dark (Dark's backstory)
LoZ Trials of the Berzerker God (Fierce Deity's Backstory)
LoZ Apprentice of the Necromancer (Lock's Backstory)
LoZ Prizoner of the Spirit Queen (Key's Backstory)
LoZ Pilgramage of the Rogue Healer (Benign Deity's Backstory)
LoZ Light in the Darkness (Shade, Shadow, Dusk and Dawn's Backstory)
LoZ The Feuding Gods (four games,Goron Deity, Kokiri Deity, Zora Deity and Owl deity's Backstory.
LoZ The Dawn of Time (Zhain's Backstory, features Hylia the goddess from skyward sword, basically Zhain takes Link's place and Hylia takes Zelda's place)



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