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#1 2013-04-27 06:56:54

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Scratch 512MB Memory Issue

Hi Guys

I have a PC with an i7-2600, running Windows 7 and with 16GB's of RAM. Currently I'm working on a project in Scratch and just yesterday I started getting memory problems such as

"Warning Squeak is Almost out of Memory"

So I went and did some research on how to get past this problem and came across many other people here on the Scratch Forums who've had the exact same issue. In almost all of those threads, the best way to get past this is to allocate more memory to the VM at startup.

Now I found only one guide on how to do this here:

Though I 'm lost. Could someone explain this guide in simpler terms?

For example when the say "command line" are they talking about the cmd in Windows?

Secondly the Scratch.image file seems to be coming up a lot in those guides. Is this the file that they say must be edited and with what program should I open this file with? I've already tried Notepad and WordPad and both have failed to open the file successfully

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.




#2 2013-04-27 07:00:34

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Re: Scratch 512MB Memory Issue

Here's the same guide :

IMPORTANT: The following is only true for Squeak pre-2.9; later Windows VMs allocate memory dynamically, e.g., there is neither a need nor a way of explicitly assigning memory. ar

On Windows you can start Squeak from the command line using the switch

        -memory: MB

[note the space] e.g., if you start Squeak by

Squeak -memory: 64 Squeak.image

you'll have 64MB of memory available.
You may use a shortcut on your desktop and do something like:

D:\develop\squeak\v2_6\Squeak.exe -memory: 128 D:\develop\squeak\v2_6\2.6.image

Or just

D:\develop\squeak\v2_6\Squeak.exe -memory: 128 2.6.image

since the image and the VM are in the same directory.



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