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#1 2013-04-25 06:32:18

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This is the RPG I am currently working on, but I doubt I can finish it. It was originally a dare from a friend for me to try and make it, so I am posting it here. If anyone wants they can attempt it

Four different classes, Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Archer. At each level you can choose an additional talent or spell for them, in one of several categories, as well as improving their stats. This can make two members of the same class completely different.

Combat system:

Up to nine characters at any one time. Combat is turn-based, with three 'lines' of combat. To attack one line, the line in front of it must be depleted first. This forces a player to get rid of tanks before archers and mages, or have ranged and specialist allies who can take out the damage dealers.

You will be able to move your characters in combat, taking a full turn to transport them to an empty square. Each row can hold three characters. The layout of a group could, for example, be tanks at the front with melee damage dealers, support units behind them, mages and archers at the very back.

Throughout the game you can recruit allies, up to twenty-seven, each of which have their own quests, personalities, and so on. If they disagree with your decisions they may leave, and will affect tasks you are attempting.

Allies often come with their own unique specialisations, which give them a completely new gameplay. There are four different races your allies can be, humans, elves, dwarves and orcs. They will have their own backgrounds, and a reason for each of their actions.

Specialisations include:

Reaver, a warrior who attempts to deal heavy damage in the first few rounds of combat, sacrificing a large amount of health. Lore-wise they will have made bargains with demons for their abilities
Templar, trained to combat mages, by draining their magic, nullifying their spells, and destroying what they summon.
Guardian, a tank who directs damage towards itself rather than enemies
Vanguard, a warrior who uses two-handed weapons to damage several enemies at once. Unlike the Reaver, the Vanguard deals less damage but can maintain it through the entire battle for a low cost in health.
Berserker, similar to the Reaver, but expends a random amount of stamina on each attack rather than heath, that amount being added to damage and speed.

Impaler, a rogue using a spear. Best used against a single opponent, it impales the foe on its spear, dealing a massive amount of damage and potentially killing it. It takes two turns to retrieve the spear, however.
Voidwalker, a rogue who can strike any enemy, using what lore-wise would be called the 'void', temporarily passing into another dimension to get past any guards.

I will finish writing this later, right now I know I am doomed if I attempt this



#2 2013-04-30 12:10:40

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Re: Rpg

I'm not much of a programmer, but if anyone wants to tackle this I could definitely do some art for it.



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Re: Rpg

I could code as a secondary since i live in china  neutral



#4 2013-05-05 18:58:11

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Re: Rpg

i will totally help sounds asome  smile



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