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#1 2013-04-24 22:15:27

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Crazyview Studios [Members needed]

Hello, I'm Sp-A-Ce, the creator of Crazyview Studios.  As of now, I'm the sole member of this team, since I just establised it.  I'm looking for dedicated members who seek perfection and quality.  If this sounds like you, than you'd be fit for a spot on my team.

I'm currently focused on creating a first-person shooter game called "Scratch One".  As of today, it still remains a rough sketch in my head, which is why I need help from other people.  I plan on writing a story line for this game, because I'd like to make it an original game with an entertaining plot.  Due to this I'm most interested in users who are great writers.  I'd still like all the other posistions to be filled, but please be aware that those posistions will not have any sort of job for a considerable amount of time.

This project will be very long and very complex.  It could easily take a few months to make. If you truly do not believe you will be able to keep an interest in it, I do not advise that you become a member.  I'm not trying to be harsh, but realistic.

Here are all of the available posistions (NOTE: All posistions besides the writers probably won't be needed for a few weeks):

Programmers (3-4 needed):

Artists (3-4 needed):

Story Writers (2-3 needed):

Project Director (Me for now, unless someone else would like this spot)

Testers (10-15 needed):

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#2 2013-05-04 17:09:16

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Re: Crazyview Studios [Members needed]

Can i be a Programmer?



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