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#1 2013-02-19 19:04:17

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Use wrong letter at Persian Translation page


I went to Persian translation page to see if I can do any help. I saw all "Ye" "ی" letter are in wrong shape! all was in Capital! like this one:

It should be like this when it place at Binning or Middle of worlds:

Then I check It and I found that you only define Arabic "ي" and did not Persian "ی". What're they differences?

Persian "ی" have Unicode Index 1740 (06CC hex)
Arabic "ي" have Unicode Index 1610 (064A hex)

(in capital way Arabic ي has two dots under it! which Persian don't have any.)

When we choose Persian Keyboard Layout at our Microsoft windows, we have Persian "ی" at the right place which is on 'D' key and Arabic "ي" under Shift+Z (I think! I redefine mine so I do not have any Arabic characters). Anyway I can correct that problem by copy and paste Arabic "ي" on that page, like this:

But it will be better, Easier and more important "Right way" that you guys correct that problem by defining Persian "ی" at that page and If you do, I'm sure all of those capital ی will be correct automatically and words will be in right ways.

I will inform you about other problems If I saw over there at this topic again. (I will not create another one! unless it is necessary! wink  )

Best regards



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