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#1 2013-02-19 15:11:52

New Scratcher
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Can a Scratch Project be uploaded to FB?

I want to share my projects. Can they be uploaded to Facebook? or is the only way to share a project is from my scratch page?



#2 2013-02-19 15:41:05

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Re: Can a Scratch Project be uploaded to FB?

You can't upload to anywhere but Scratch. There is a way, though, to show a project you've made embedded in HTML.

Flash player:


<object width="483" height="387" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="">
   <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always">
   <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true">
   <param name="flashvars" value="project=">


Java player:


<applet id='ProjectApplet' style='display:block' code='ScratchApplet' codebase='' archive='ScratchApplet.jar' height='387' width='482'><param name='project' value='../../static/projects/USERNAME/'></applet> <a href='PROJECT URL GOES HERE'>Learn more about this project</a>

In the all-caps part, you replace this text with what it says. So like where it says "USERNAME", put your Scratch username. Note that VERSION# is the number of times you've reloaded the project. If you've only uploaded once and not updated the project at all, then put 1 here.

For more info go to this wiki article

And I think this should go in the Questions about Scratch forum. I'll have it be moved for you.  wink



#3 2013-02-19 15:55:53

Scratch Team
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Re: Can a Scratch Project be uploaded to FB?

Look on the right side of the project page where it says "Embed".  One of the options is Facebook.



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