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#1 2013-01-30 01:47:06

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2.0 API for remote interaction

It would be great if the 2.0 project supported an API for interacting with the platform.  The community could build SDK components to be embedded into 3rd party apps.  I love love to create an iPhone app that acted as a sensor, taking advantage of things like location, camera, device orientation, compas direction, acceleration, audio, proximity, connectivity, physical button presses, touch gestures, etc.

From an end user perspective, each project could have a unique code.  The end user enters this code into an app, and it would then send sensor data to the correct project. 

Honestly, I'm much less interested in viewing/editing on iOS devices.  Using them as sensors are much more interesting.

Has anyone investigated adding a simple API as such?  I'd be interested in helping to build out the iOS side of things given an API exists.




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