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Connect Scratch via RS232

Good afternoon. I need to control a robot we developed using scratch, to make it more appealing to kids to use it. WE developed our own board, that holds motors, two bump switches and three LED sensors. I need to comunicate with it via RS232, sending and receiving data. I tried to look around the S4A and other examples, however i've been unable to figure it out. Is that even possible what i want to do?

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João Freire



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Re: Connect Scratch via RS232

Hello, johnnyboss
There are two solutions.
One is using Remote Sensors Protocol and making a bridge software for your device by any language.
Another is making Scratch Modification (mod) by Squeak Smalltalk language with Scratch Source Code.
For example, Kinect2Scratch is using Remote Sensors Protocol and S4A is a kind of mod.
I'm not sure which is better for you. It depends on your skill and knowledge. In my case I made some mods for my sensor board (NanoBoardAG). Because I'm familiarity with Smalltalk.

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