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#1 2008-10-03 23:54:39

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Unknown Projeccts/Gallleries

Please post helpful tips here for new Scratchers about advertising their projects or galleries. One helpful way is to do what i do, in your forum signature, advertise it!

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Projects not being loved, here's an idea!



#2 2008-10-04 05:38:20

Scratch Team
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Re: Unknown Projeccts/Gallleries

Neglected projects and galleries can be very discouraging to Scratchers.  I'm glad you reintroduced this topic!  Your tip about signatures is a good one.

Another good way to advertise is to post to the Show and Tell forums.  Which you probably already know if you read the Forums!  Here is a tutorial I put together to help people that don't know how to do it

Also, here is the Project Unknown project with a bunch of great tips

And finally, there are critique groups you might want to look into...see my signature for a link.



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